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Centre County Anti Hunger Program

In the past year we’ve told you about the Centre County YMCA’s anti hunger program,and similar efforts to put meals on the tables for those financially struggling.

Now meet Sheryl and Jim Leamen the founders of Commonfood Centre County an all volunteer, non profit food distribution program

“Its a wide spectrum,about a quarter of those we serve are seniors,and then another quarter is kids 17 and under”

Commonfood Centre County works with food banks ,churches ,grocery stores,and restaurants in procuring food donations. Their initial program,just a few years, helped 18 families now its a much larger distribution and its not just handing out food, Sheryl also passes along her own recipe ideas

“So I find recipes that in know will be healthy and economical and then try to provide food in the box that will us those recipes”

This year’s Tusseymoutainback, 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarthon will help the cause with proceeds from their annual event held in October going to Commonfood Centre County.

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