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Centre County CATA Seeking Service Hike

Transportation funding is expected to be discussed at several municipal meetings tonight in Centre County.

The Centre Area Transportation Authority is looking at a significant hike in funding to continue current transit services in Bellefonte, and two neighboring townships.

And from early responses it looks like that proposal has hit a road block.

Could the CATA Go transit service in Bellefonte soon be close to CATA gone

“We’re in the business of providing a pubic service, public transportation, we don’t want to discontinue any services, but at the same time were not permitted to run at a deficit”

CATA’s proposals to help ease their budget deficit in Bellfonte along with Spring and Benner Townships is not going over well, to say the least.

The municipalities pay for the CATA service, and riders last week During a public hearing made it clear they’re not happy with potential service cuts that CATA says is down the road if the municipalities don’t make significant increases in what they’re paying.

The Bellefonte Borough Council agenda for Monday night on the topic notes council’s great displeasure over CATA’s proposed rate hike

“Ironically the service has been growing, and that has increased costs, as more passengers use the service, it gets more expensive.were trying to work with the municipalities”

Bellfonte Council also want to explore if other government funding Federal, State or Local may be available

“CATA, no agency is going to continuously run losing money.these rural routes have always been a problem.its why we have shared ride programs”

Governor Josh Shapiro in his legislative budget address this week, is expected to propose more money for transit authorities but

“This is not going to be an easy fix, what are willing to pay for and are there more economically feasible ways to do it”

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