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Centre County Election Board Meeting

It’s been one week since Election Day and many Pennsylvania counties are still working to verify vote totals. But why does it take so long?

On Tuesday afternoon, Centre County’s election board met again to review last week’s election.

“We haven’t done the two-percent audit yet.”

That audit is one of the requirements statewide for counties in verifying the unofficial vote totals first posted after last week’s election.

In this case, a selected audit of at least two percent of the precincts. Overall, officials say very little issues were reported on Election Day in Centre County.

“A typical Election Day. We had some minor problems, which are typical, and we got through it. I think all the totals will be good.”

Officials are also stressing that the extended verification time, close to three weeks, doesn’t indicate anything suspicious about the vote count.

Officials say it’s the opposite, they go to great lengths to demonstrate the system is accountable and accurate, even when it means reviewing individual ballots.

“Precinct number 13. 209 credited. One person left with their ballot, so their ballot was not cast.”

Some of Centre County’s mail-in ballots remain in the “set aside” category for now, as problems with incorrect dates or signatures await further legal clarification.

Each county’s final vote total must be verified to the state by November 28th.

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