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Centre County Government Jobs

Like many public service employers, Centre County Government in recent months has been struggling with job losses and staffing retention among its more than 500 employees.

As Gary Sinderson reports a long awaited consultant’s report on the county pay scale is now being reviewed.

In some Centre County Government offices especially crucial 24/7 departments like 911, and the county prison, pay raises have been granted in recent months, along with bonuses. Almost all correction facilities, state and county prisons , are dealing with similar staffing retention issues, and increasing vacancies. The county hired a consulting firm to assess the current salary scale for all departments. The report-now in the early stages of review

“There’s going to be several ongoing conversations regarding it.were going to get a part two of it in the next coming days, the fact we’ve got some of the data back,gotten some of the initial recommendations,helps us to put some numbers behind it.”

Recently there was at least 30 job openings in Centre County Government, last month, $500 dollar bonuses were approved for many of the county’s employees.

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