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Centre County Mail-In Ballot Review

Now to the latest in the battle of the ballots in Centre County where close to 100 primary election ballots remain under review.

The County Election Board contends the group challenging the validity of those ballots filed.

A quick review. In the Centre County, Mail in Ballot County Center on Primary Election Day, April 23rd, 95 ballots are flagged with possible problems on how they were dated or not dated.

The County Election Board decided to include the ballots in the final count but before they’re certified, a court suit is filed claiming the ballots shouldn’t be counted due to the dating errors

“And then it says Today’s date here, required. It has two spots for the month It has two spots for the day. It has the year 20 written in it, And two spots for 24 to be placed inside”

Michelle Schellberg filed the suit. The county’s final primary election count certification was put on hold with legal arguments ongoing.

“And that was affirmed by the Federal Third Circuit, in a subsequent appeal, followed by your solicitor, on behalf of 14 counties”

“Mr.Glantz you can save your legal arguments for the courtroom”

That was at least weeks election board meeting. Now a court hearing is scheduled in Centre County Court for Thursday.

In their latest filing the County Election Board wants the ballot legal challenge dismissed claiming it was filed too late ten days too late they argue.

A judge has ruled the hearing will consider arguments both on the original appeal to toss out the ballots along with the election board’s response, asking to dismiss that appeal.

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