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Centre County Mail In Ballot Review

Nearly two weeks after the recent Primary Election, close to 100, mail in ballots in Centre County remain under review as to whether they should be considered invalid

98 Mail in ballots were initially counted as valid by Centre County’s Election Board but they remain under review. The issue is how the returned ballots were dated, or not dated. On Election Day,

The County’s primary count center noted possible problems with how the ballot’s outer envelopes were dated. Centre County Election Director Beth Lachman showed us their report. 57 Ballots are

Missing the full date, such as having only 20 marked for the 2024 year, 23 other ballots had the wrong date. An attorney for those challenging the validity of the ballots says State and Federal court rulings

Are specific in requirements on how voters date their ballots, and the 98 ballots should be tossed out. Centre County’s Election Board is scheduled to meet Tuesday to further review the dispute

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