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Centre County Tourism Grants

Tourism was one of the hardest hit Industries during the Pandemic, but its making a comeback with many traditional events returning this Summer. For many in the business, recovering revenue lost in the past 2 years remains a priority. In Centre County, many of the top Tourism sites and events will continue to get a funding boost.

In Downtown Phillipsburg, the Rowland Theatre is now 105 years old. First built and owned by a well known Coal Company President, the theater has been a showcase for years. But its also faced challenges, including a leaky roof — a problem that returned not too long ago. Rebecca Inlow of the Rowland Theatre saying: “A year ago the roof began leaking again and we put buckets on seats to catch the raindrops. We attempted patching and the roofing company came in to look at it. The news wasn’t good. The rubber roof already outlasted its 30 year life span. We were told it had to be replaced.”

The Community Volunteers who operate the Rowland Theatre will receive a $25,000 Grant, to help pay for new roof, through Centre County and the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau. It’s money raised through the County’s Hotel Tax. The Rowland Group is one of dozens of Organizations tied to Centre County’s Tourism Industry who applied for funding. Fritz Smith, the President of the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau saying: “So a little about the Grant program. We had a record number of Applicants this year, 74. Almost $2.9 Million worth of applications.”

For the Rowland Theatre, the Events Schedule will continue — including hosting the Centre County Film Festival, now in its 4th year.

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