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Centre Hall Potter Elementary School Ice Bucket Challenge

Did you think the Ice Bucket Challenge was over? Well think again

Students at Centre Hall Potter Elementary School did the challenge today for a different cause with their principal.

The students were given a challenge to donate at least 500 boxes of tissues to the school to be used by staff and students.

They definitley surpassed their goal donating over 1,500 boxes.

Their reward was dump buckets of ice cold water on Principal Katie Bish.

“It definitely building community amongst the school, each class working together for teamwork, it’s just a nice friendly competition, I mean, these kids and teachers work their tails off every single day, so it’s just great to be able to have the opportunity to have something fun and exciting for them to look forward to.”

She says donating items for others to use helps the students learn about a sense of community.

The principal hopes to continue this yearly tradition in Centre Hall.


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