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Centre Region YMCA Anti Hunger Program

We’ve followed it for years the demand for food to feed those in need

“1300 backpack a week. we’re constantly getting calls for food, we work hand in hand with the Central Pa. Food Bank”

The Centre County YMCA anti-hunger program, among the many providing food resources and continuing to expand and partner with other resource agencies

“We have a meeting with Penn State Health today. to piggyback with the Mobile Lion, so they’ll handle the medical side.we’ll handle the food side”

Various studies have pointed to links between food insecurity and mental health, anxiety, depression and more

“There’s a huge connection, especially with children, it’s like working with Penn State Health and their doctors, food is medicine if you’re not getting the right type of food you’re not growing”

Expanding support services, taking many forms, like the YMCA’s Garden Project, providing food for clients, while also educating

“You’re going top see a big increase in self sustaining foods, we’re now getting more national organizations looking at what were doing. they want to be a part of it.
because if you teach a family how to grow a garden, what to grow, and these are the foods your children need”

A 2022 National survey pointed to 44 million Americans including 13 million children impacted by food insecurity.

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