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Clearfield Animal Cruelty Update

2 People police say tied a dog to a post Christmas Day and left it there for 64 hours in frigid temperatures appeared in court Today.

Jamey Williams and James Pfahler face animal cruelty charges but their hearings were delayed Today.

The judge says they are granting the defendants a continuance because they did not show up with an attorney, and had another quote reasonable excuse .

Officials say the couple was initially given around 3 to 14 days to hire one.

One of the defendants, James Pfahler, says he was running into issues outside of the case that were hindering the ability for him and Williams to get necessary resources.

The judge reportedly told Pfahler that if he doesn’t have what he needs by next week at 9:30 am, he quote will be going to jail.

Also today, a formal arraignment was held in Clearfield for another 2 individuals in a separate case Ana Houston and Thomas Rowles who were charged with animal cruelty.

Officials reported 36 dead cats stacked outside in boxes with over 20 still living inside.

Last time we checked, the Clearfield SPCA says 3 of the cats found new homes.

As for the dog, regulators say that it is doing okay, and can not release its identity yet.

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