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Coach Franklin Tight Lipped On Starting Quarterback

Penn State football is back this weekend but they still haven’t named a starting Quarterback

Jared Parker tells us who the most likely pick is for the Nittany Lions. Jared?

Drew Allar is assumed to be the starter this week with teammates alluding to him as the number one guy and a great leader but Franklin is keeping us on our toes until gameday

“More times than not we try not to put that information out there. Cuz I don’t necessarily see the value in it. For me the most important thing is the guys in our locker room whether its from a leadership or a chemistry standpoint and we got that. So all the other stuff out there in the universe or the internet or wherever else I don’t think that has a huge factor for us.”

Franklin did say that pretty much everyone in the locker room knows who their starters are

So this competition could be decided already but we’ll just have to wait until game day Saturday.

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