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Congressman Thompson Visits Centre County

US Congressman Glenn Thompson Today Criticizing President Biden’s recent trip to Ukraine.

But he says he supports the President’s support of military aid to the war torn country.

The Presidents surprise trip to the Ukraine has it critics, especially among republicans

“I do think the president trip to Ukraine was unfortunate about a half a Billion dollars I believe. it was quite a bit of money.especially when you have Palestine Ohio that quite frankly is suffering”

But Congressman Thompson feels supporting Ukraine now with military aid is crucial

“Any assistance we provide to Ukraine right now is a whole lot cheaper than what it will be if Russia is allowed to progress and go into a NATO country because under the NATO agreement, an attack on one is an attack on all. as the father of an active duty soldier, that scares me”

Thompson, in Centre County Tuesday was recognized by the Centre County YMCA for his backing of their anti-hunger program, through his various forms of assistance.

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