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County Election Funding

During the 2020 Presidential election, millions of dollars in private funding poured into county election offices across Pennsylvania. The money was aimed at paying for added election costs. Objections were raised

And new state legislation would ban similar private election funding. But as Gary Sinderson tells us, the legislation has raised a series of new issues.

“As of this morning we have 105,298 registered voters in Centre County. thats up 95 from last report”

In Centre County, the number of registered voters continuing to increase. The new legislation to provide state funding directly to county election offices, does include conditions for counties to accept the money.

The primary requirement that counties couldn’t scan or process mail in ballots before election day, and once the counting of those ballots begins at 7 in the morning on election day the tabulating continues without interruption until the count is complete. County administrators have questions

“Typically when we receive money from the state there are guidelines, but they’re more clear, this is, were not sure what they’re saying when they’re saying you have the mail in voting continually done, or without dropping it we’re just trying to understand what that means”

Under the legislation, in Centre County, the annual state funding grant for the election office,would be just over $500,000.

County administrators say they want to review the proposal further,before deciding on whether they’ll accept the funding.

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