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Dishong Mountain Gas Leak Update

An ongoing gas leak in Jackson Township continues to concern residents of Cambria County.

Starting over the weekend, a loud roar began echoing across the Johnstown area as officials say thousands of pounds of natural gas began leaking from a pipe near Laurel Ridge.

Officials first told us that it would take 24-48 hours for the pipe to get under control, but 3 days later and it seems like it still is not.

Art Martynuska, the Executive Director for the Cambria County 911 Center says he first heard of the gas leak Sunday afternoon.

“Some passerby’s heard the noise, they called into the 911 center We dispatched the appropriate emergency response units; police, fire, E.M.S. to the location”.

“It was a 2 inch pipe that was leaking and was expelling about three thousand pounds of pressure. I don’t know the exact composition of the gas, but we know that we have professionals on scene that are monitoring it”.

That leak reported at Equitrans’ Rager Mountain Storage Field near the top of Laurel Ridge. And that is one of the reasons there is such a roar heard across the area causing concern for residents.

On Wednesday Natalie Cox, an Equitrans Midstream spokesperson said, “The equipment arrived yesterday and they were continuing preparation work and one of the main items that they were working on yesterday and into this morning was redirecting the flow of gas away from the immediate vicinity of the area that all of the work to stop the venting will take place”.

Martynuska says the Cambria County 911 Center continues to receive calls about the gas leak, including Thursday.

“The situation is under control as best as it can be and you know we rendered safe here in short order” Martynuska adds, “I know its bothersome with the noise and the concern, you know the smells, but you know it is relatively safe for what is happening”.

“There are no immediate public safety concerns and its important anytime there is an incident that the incident is brought under control quickly. And that’s what our crews and our specialized well services company has been working for the past few days to do”

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