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Dr. Oz Visits Johnstown

Dr. Mehmet Oz was in Johnstown today, his first stops in our area since narrowly winning the Republican U.S. Senate Primary.

Crispin Havener joins us after he talked to him about the issues in the campaign.

Dr. Mehmet Oz making that shift toward November as he toured a Richland supermarket and met with the Republican faithful.

I also talked to him about the fight that was and some of the issues in his race against Democrat Lt Gov. John Fetterman.

Dr. Mehmet Oz says he’s ready to move forward to the fight ahead in November.

“I was warned before this started the Primary is a bit of character assassination because you are arguing with people you all fundamentally agree with on policy. General Election is a much more joyous process for me because I get to talk about what I love to speak to America about and what I’ve been doing my whole career which is what are the big decisions we have to make as a nation? ”

Oz meeting with voters at the Market Basket in Richland Township, where he also talked to store management about inflation’s impact on the cost of food

“More than half the price of cantaloupe is the fuel to ship it here to the west coast. Which is funny because I thought the farmer would get the money.”

“With fuel prices doubled from a year ago that’s the biggest driver.”

And greeting supporters at the Cambria County Republican Headquarters.

While he’s out on the trail, his opponent, Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, is off of it after suffering a stroke related to a heart issue just before the primary election, though he zoomed with President Joe Biden this week ahead of the President’s visit Tuesday to Philadelphia

“If you’re in a foxhole, you want John with you man. I know he can’t wait to get back on the trail, he’s looking good.”

I asked the doctor if he felt Fetterman would be fit healthwise for office.

“I’m praying for his rapid recovery. I don’t have details on his current medical situation. But I’m not that worried about him being able to serve our country, I’m more concerned about the decisions he would make should he serve our nation.”

I also asked Oz if he would support the gun control framework a bipartisan group of lawmakers have agreed to, including the man Oz would replace if elected, Sen. Pat Toomey

“I’m happy you got Republicans and Democrats talking to each other. I saw the brief framework that everyone else has been exposed to. We got to see what that translates to as written policy. But I’m strongly I favor of the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding American citizens buying the gun of their choice, but also we don’t want non-abiding citizens buying a gun of their choice.”

Oz also talked about election integrity. He said he’s worried people are losing confidence in elections but did say it was a good thing the recount showed almost the exact same count as the original count.

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