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Duo Charged In Deadly Shooting In Morris Township

Officials in Clearfield County say the duo charged in a deadly shooting in Morris Township late last month will receive “outside” legal representation.

Authorities say Bryan Michaelis and Danielle Parks both requested public defenders, but due to a “conflict of interest” between the Clearfield County public defenders’ office and the victim of the shooting, they will have to receive representation from elsewhere.

District attorney Ryan Sayers confirmed that Michaelis will be represented by an attorney from Reynoldsville, while Parks has been appointed an attorney from State College.

The duo was charged last week following a state police investigation into the shooting death of 33-year-old Kodey Parks.

Investigators allege that Michaelis and Danielle Parks conspired to kill her ex-husband, Kodey, during a custody exchange.

Police say on the night of Feb. 24, Kodey Parks was reportedly found deceased at a residence in Morris Township following an alleged altercation between he and his ex-wife.

Authorities say Michaelis and Danielle Parks are each facing a variety of charges, headlined by criminal homicide and evidence tampering.

Officials say their preliminary hearings are now scheduled for March 20.

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