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Easter For Eli

Now that we’re past Easter, we caught back up with the Easter For Eli Foundation for how this year went.

According to the foundation’s President, Martin Garrett they were ale to deliver 5,200 baskets to 11 states, 35 childrens’ hospitals, 11 Ronald McDonald houses, helped out 2 other foundations
and delivered to 3 different homeless shelters for teens and kids there.

In addition, the group was also able to give out $3000 in gift cards.

While Garrett says this year was a little slow to start due to the foundation’s decision to hold a basket collection instead of an Easter basket build they ultimately had another successful year
and are already looking to make next year, even bigger and better.

“We’re looking for items to do a build with, we’re looking for any kind of donations and anyone who can help throughout the year and we’re working on a larger storage facility where we can have a build.”

Garrett says, if you’d like to donate or get involved, you can contact the foundation through their website at or by reacing out to the Easter For Eli Facebook page.


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