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Election Intimidation

Intimidation and Pressure Tactics. It’s what Election Officials in key States said they faced during the 2020 Election by former President Trump and his supporters in his effort to overturn election results. State Officials say they faced threats of death and violence from President Trump’s supporters who showed up outside their homes and offices following the 2020 Election.
Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson saying: “The uncertainty of that was what the fear. Like are they coming with guns? Are they going to attack my house?”

Officials say they were also hit with a slew of harassing phone calls from the Trump Campaign. Angela McCallum of the Trump 2020 Campaign saying: “You do have the power to reclaim your authority.” All while experiencing what some Officials described as “immense intimidation tactics” from the top Office in the land, the most powerful man in the world, to overturn the 2020 Election results.

Officials say they refused to cave to the pressure. The Investigative Committee shining a light on false allegations of a secret suitcase full of fraudulent ballots and dead voters in Georgia. Gabe Sterling, Chief Operating Officer at the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State saying: “They’re putting ballots that are prepared to be scanned into ballots carriers that are then sealed with tamper-proof seals so they’re not messed with.” Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State adding: “They allege 10,315 dead people. We found two dead people when I wrote my letter to congress, that’s dated January 6th, and subsequent to that we found two more.”

In never-before-seen testimony, former Attorney General, Bill Barr says the Justice Department launched an investigation into President Trump’s claims that the Election was stolen. William Barr, Former U.S. Attorney General saying: “Based on our review of it, including the interviews of the key witnesses, the Fulton County witnesses had no merit.”

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