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Former Centre County Prison Guard Sentenced

A former prison guard at SCI Benner was sentenced Tuesday on charges related to smuggling contraband into the facility.

Kevin Hoch was sentenced to serve 9-and-a-half to 23-and-a-half months in the county jail.

Hoch was arrested last November after he admitted to being paid by an inmate’s family to smuggle to contraband into the prison.

According to the affidavit, authorities began investigating Hoch after prison staff had reviewed phone conversations, made by the unidentified inmate, and suspected that a package was going to be delivered to Hoch’s home.

Upon further investigation, authorities say Hoch admitted to being paid approximately $17,000 to smuggles papers laced with a synthetic form of cannabis, as well as Suboxone, into the prison.

Police say Hoch added that he agreed to the smuggling scheme because he had various gambling debts that he wished to pay off.

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