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Former Penn State Majorette Files Lawsuit Against The University

A former PSU Majorette claims she was repeatedly bullied and harassed by the squad’s coach during her time on the team.

Yesterday a Federal Judge has denied Penn State’s request to dismiss her lawsuit which was filed in December citing numerous Title IX violations against the University and former Majorette Coach Heather Bean who resigned in 2022.

The former Blue Band Majorette alleges that she was constantly quote, fat shamed and sexually harassed by Bean which reportedly led to various personal health issues including developing an eating disorder.

The lawsuit also claims that Bean failed to report a disclosed sexual assault involving the victim and would reportedly retaliate when any complaints were filed.

While the University argued that the alleged harassment was not based on sexual discrimination the judge disagreed and sided with the complaintant on Tuesday.

Penn State has 14 days to respond to the lawsuit.

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