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Centre County Mail-In Ballot Lawsuit

Now to the latest on the mail in vote challenge in Centre County where close to 100 mail in ballots from the recent Primary Election are under review.

A judge is expected to hear the case next week. More now from Gary Sinderson

At this week Centre County Election Board meeting,its announced a court suit filed over the validity of 95 mail in ,primary election ballots- is holding up certifying the county’s primary election results

“There have been numerous counties that have not been able to certify because there’s pending litigation over their ballots.we will at some point have to revisit the issue”

May 16th is when the issue will be revisited, in Centre County Court. That’s when a hearing has been scheduled by a new judge’s order. The 95 ballots were initially flagged during the election day count for possible violations of State law on how ballots are to be dated.

The County Election Board initially accepted the ballots. Centre County Republican Committee Chair Michelle Schellberg then filed the lawsuit, saying the ballots are invalid They shouldn’t be counted

“So this is not a time stamp.its not to time stamp. it’s declaring. it’s an official declaration that you promise. you put your signature and date when you signed it.its not saying,i got it in on time it’s a promise you’re
making to our county that you’re not lying about who you are and why you’re voting”

The attorney backing the legal challenge says the law is clear

“The most recent decision from the supreme court is black and white.if its not signed, if it’s not dated,it shall not be counted”

This week, State Election Officials said there was a significant drop in mail ballot rejections due to dating, or other issues in last months Primary Election.

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