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Frontier Living and Mt. Lion Observatory at Fort Roberdeau

As part of our visit to Fort Roberdeau (See First Segment Here), Staff at the Fort spoke with us about different aspects of Frontier Living, just as it was after the building of Fort Roberdeau. Gardner Stu Albright talks to us about the different crops they grow at the Fort. The Fort grows Flax and educates visitors on the process of turning Flax into clothing. Stu also explains some of the vegetables grown in the Fort’s farm. Stu explains “The Three Sisters” method of planting a few crops, and how the plants worked together in their growth.

We also watched in as Staff Member Karen Morrow taught a young visitor about Frontier Living at the Fort. Karen explains the process of turning Corn crops grown in the Fort’s garden into Cornmeal, to be used in making cornbread. Karen also shows the visitor how to make Butter from cream. Finally, Karen shows the child how to string and dry beans that would be used during the Winters on the Frontier.

We also got a lesson about the Conestoga Wagon, a Frontier-style transportation wagon that was used to transport as much as 4-6 Tons of goods through the Frontier.

Finally, we check out the Mt. Lion Observatory at Fort Roberdeau. The expansive dark black night sky in Sinking Valley makes for a perfect Observatory location. The Observatory allows the viewing of Planets and Constellations across the night sky.

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