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Gov. Wolf Talks About Elections

Less than 24 hours since the polls closed and among those providing post game analysis of the Primary Election in Pennsylvania was Governor Tom Wolf.

The Governor was in our area and spoke with our Gary Sinderson.

He wasn’t on the primary ballot, but like many Governor Wolf was closely following election results

“First of all, as a Pennsylvanian, did you notice the national recognition of Pennsylvania? we are noticed as a very important state, certainly in this election. So the general election is going to be important and I’m glad for that.”

Politics it always has surprises and we certainly saw that in the run-up to the election. Lt. Governor John Fetterman winning his US Senate bid while hospitalized after suffering a stroke. The Governor waiting to talk to him

“Not yet this morning, after I leave here I’ll be calling him”

And the Governor, one day after the election, ends up a few miles away from Bellefonte, the hometown of a long time political adversary and one time Gubernatorial candidate himself Sen Jake Corman. For the time being now, Corman is the acting Lieutenant Governor.

“Talked to him yesterday and had a nice conversation. this is standard practice, when I had prostate Cancer we made sure the Lt. Governor was in charge while I was that what we did here”

Governor Wolf said it was a good sign about the political process in Pennsylvania, that voter turnout looked to be higher than the norm for a primary election.

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