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Greensburg Man Charged with Ethnic Intimidation

A Greensburg man headed for trial in Centre County on a charge of Ethnic Intimidation accused of punching a Hispanic teenager in the face.

Gary Sinderson has the story

No, nothing is wrong with your TV, or monitor. This is a freeze frame, a still shot of William Ring, following his hearing Wednesday in Centre County Court.

We’ll get to the rest of this part of the story in a bit. During Ring’s hearing, a 17 year old, who told the court she’s an Hispanic, Puerto Rican testified she and three friends were at this State College store in June.

When she was asked what happened there, her first answer was quote “a grown man with a fully functioning brain hit a child”.

Ring’s attorney didn’t like that answer, he immediately objected. The teen went on testify that Ring was first staring at her in the store, and then said to her “go back to where you came from you Mexican” and “why don’t you go back across the border”. She says ring then hit her in the jaw with a closed fist, and followed that by showing her brass knuckles.

She also testified Ring threw her cell phone, after she recorded video. Ring’s attorney says they’re awaiting store security video, and claims the girl cut in line for the bathroom and hit Ring first.

Along with Ethnic Intimidation and Simple Assault, prosecutors added charges of prohibited offensive weapons, and criminal mischief and Ring was bound over for trial on all charges.

After the hearing, we heard from another man with Ring and his attorney:

“Any comment? always keep smiling, always keep smiling. this a better angle here?how bout this? you JDL? NAACP? come on, Yamaka? somewhere around,its gotta be”

William Ring remains free no word yet on a trial date.

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