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Hats for Asher Deets

The Deets family lost their house and their son Asher in a tragic fire last Monday. We visited the Students at the Bald Eagle Area Middle and High School and saw what they are doing to support the family from a neighboring school.

Two Students at Bald Eagle Area High School organized the “Hats for Asher Deets” fundraiser on Wednesday. Faculty and Students paid one dollar each to wear a hat to School and all of that money is going to the Deets family.

The fire on Morrisdale-Allport Highway in Morris Township started at around 3am on November 27th. It left the house completely destroyed. Deets was a Senior at West Branch Area High School, which is less than thirty minutes from Bald Eagle. Taylor Hall and Abigail Johnson talk about why they decided to set up the fundraiser. Taylor Hall saying: “I felt absolutely horrible because I would never want that to happen to me, that’s unimaginable for me, so I would really like to help out and do what’s best for their family.” Abigail Johnson adding: “It was really heartbreaking because if you think about it, just imagine that happening to someone you know and having some sort of devastation like that happen to a family you know, like it’s heartbreaking.”

The hallways and classrooms were filled with Students and Faculty wearing different hats. Hall and Johnson tell us that they were happy to see how many people chose to donate.

One Student who knew Deets says he was a good person and friend. She also says it is nice to see Students from her school showing their support – even if they didn’t know him personally. Madison Fye saying: “It just seems like a really good thing to do for him. Asher was definitely a really nice person to be around and was someone that was misunderstood and he was a really caring person and it’s really upsetting that happened to him.”

Local Memorial Services were last week, but another one is planned in his hometown of Keezletown, Virginia this weekend.

To give to the family of Asher Deets, visit their GoFundMe page.

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