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Honoring Lloyd Peck’s 91st Birthday

On Wednesday, the City of Altoona and the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center honored Lloyd Peck on his 91st birthday. Peck is the former longtime Commander of the Blair County War Veterans Council. They gave him a plaque, thanking him for his many years of service to fellow Veterans, and for planning the City’s annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day parades.

Mayor Matt Pacifico was in attendance to present the plaque to Lloyd on everyone’s behalf. Staff at the VA Medical Center attribute the enrollment of a multitude of eligible Veterans directly to Lloyd’s efforts in helping them.

Lloyd Peck saying: “Veterans call me and say, “hey, can you help get any benefits?” I would say meet me at the VA; We will go talk to the person in charge and see what we can get you. I’ve got 56 Veterans into the VA here that didn’t know that they had benefits coming, which they now have.” Lloyd’s wife Judy Peck adding: “The one man could not walk; he was in a wheelchair, and he’s now walking.”

Lloyd was in charge of planning Altoona’s annual parades up until this year’s Memorial Day parade, after which he stepped down. He was also a member of the Blair County Honor Guard wherein he helped to honor over 350 Veterans as they were laid to rest.

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