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Hyndman Man Arrested

Authorities in Bedford County say new charges have been filed against a Hyndman man after a second teen came forward to report accusations of unlawful sexual contact.

Troopers say 31-year-old Anthony Troutman has been jailed since September following accusations that he had multiple sexually explicit conversations with a 14-year-old girl.

Police then filed additional charges against Troutman in November after investigators uncovered sexually explicit photos on his phone that he had allegedly sent to the first victim.

On Thursday, Troutman was arraigned on a new batch of charges after another teen came forward, claiming that Troutman had allegedly kissed her while she was attending a friend’s sleepover last October.

Troopers say Troutman was also accused of providing alcohol to the teen and asking her if she “wanted to have sex with him.”

Police noted in the affidavit that they are also investigating claims that Troutman sent sexually explicit messages to numerous other juveniles via Facebook.

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