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I-95 Bridge Collapse

And over in Philadelphia Governor Josh Shapiro says the demolition of the damaged section of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia will be finished Thursday.

The highway collapsed over the weekend after a tanker truck went up in flames underneath it.

Shapiro did not set a timeline for when the section of I-95 could fully reopen. But he did explain the plan for a temporary workaround while the permanent bridge gets rebuilt.

“We have determined collectively, that the most efficient way to reopen I-95 is to backfill the gap in the roadway behind me and then pave over it. This approach will allow us to avoid delays due to shipment and supply chain issues, and pursue a simple, quicker path. Once complete, cars and trucks can return to this stretch of I-95. And then, we will work together to build a permanent bridge while making sure we keep six lanes of traffic open at all times while that road construction, that bridge construction goes on.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says the Northbound exit of the highway where the fire started was up to current standards.

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