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Investigation In To Clearfield County Inmate Death

Clearfield County, its warden and other jail staff are being sued in federal court for the overdose death of an inmate.

The family of Kaitlyn Evans, 31, who officials said died from a fentanyl overdose while incarcerated in the jail, filed a civil suit last week.

The court documents allege the jail staff was negligent in providing medical attention to her when she was found unresponsive in her cell. They accused the staff of not performing CPR, but rather another inmate tried to help.

“Once they actually took her out of her cell, the COs present in her cell block didn’t even provide her CPR. Another inmate took it upon herself to initiate CPR,”

As we reported in July, two women were treated for fentanyl overdoses just days before Evans died. Since then, prosecutors charged inmate Angela Ricketts for smuggling the drugs into the jail and giving it to the other three women.

The lawsuit alleges warden David Gallagher and his staff didn’t take necessary action to locate any remaining fentanyl after the first overdoses.

“There isn’t any hiding it. Kaitlyn had a struggle with drugs. And having it available in the jail proved deadly for her. It shouldn’t have drugs, shouldn’t have entered the jail, We’re looking for some change, because going into the Clearfield County Jail shouldn’t be a death sentence.”

The lawsuit alleges employees of the jail are known for “consuming drugs and alcohol before and during work, and sleeping while on duty among other forms of misconduct.”

Hastings said the family isn’t in it for money, but they want to see change. He said they are in mourning and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“They thought, on this occasion when she was taken to the Clearfield County Jail that she would be safe. This would be an opportunity for her to turn her young life around,”

The Clearfield County Commissioners, who oversee the jail, said they couldn’t comment on pending litigation.


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