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Trial Begins In Huntingdon County Murder Case

Cole Campbell appeared in Huntingdon County court on Tuesday for the first day of his homicide trial.

Campbell is accused of fatally shooting his neighbor, 40-year-old Timothy Skipper Jr., in April of 2022, following an argument at his home.

During the first day of the trial, prosecutors played Campbell’s home surveillance video which reportedly captured the fatal shooting.

The video appears to show Skipper grabbing the barrel of Campbell’s gun, before he was shot.

Campbell’s defense argued that Skipper was shot in self-defense and claimed that Campbell had grabbed his gun when he heard Skipper’s vehicle coming towards his house.

Prosecutors argued that Skipper had only gone to Campbell’s home to confront him about his alleged speeding through their neighborhood.

Campbell’s lawyers also claimed that Skipper had a history of drug abuse and was known to be armed himself.

One of the first responders at the scene testified Tuesday that no weapon was found on Skipper’s person.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday and last through the end of the week.

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