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Jager and Friends Dog Park in Jeopardy

A highly rated Dog Park in Somerset County could see its last days soon, after being open for 13 years. Managers say engagement is declining after it’s Founder passed away on June 2nd.

Jager and Friends Dog Park is a Non-profit Organization and Corporation in Somerset. For over a decade, it’s Founder Jim Atchison, Treasurer Judy Rach, and others managed and maintained the property for the public. Rach says it began with the help of other community members, turning it from a barren parcel of pavement to one of the Top 10 Dog Parks in Pennsylvania — that’s according to the Philly-Byte Magazine.

Now, managers say they are facing a new challenge, after the Park’s Founder and President passed away on June 2nd. Treasurer Judy Rach saying: “In order to keep it open, we must have support and help. It’s not just donations, it’s people doing things at the park. I know so many people were made happy with the dog park. There’s too much here to let it go.”

Rach says managers have enough funds to finish out the remaining year, but after that the Park will have to close if there is no further support.

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