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James Franklin Press Conference

We begin tonight with sports.

Penn State’s new starting Quarterback impressed many fans with their season opener win.

Drew Allar won Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors earning praise from Head Coach James Franklin about his exceptional ability

“But maybe that degree that he can throw is maybe a little bit wider grace period than you’d give for other guys”

Rules apply to everyone but if you ask James Franklin some people have skill that makes rules optional to them Franklin described Allar as one of those athletes

“And for me to sit here and say that ability doesn’t affect the rules for coaches and players, it would not be accurate.”

Allar recorded 325 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first college football start against West Virginia on Saturday

A bragging point among many for Penn State’s performance

But the team is still looking to make improvements defensive lineman Chop Robinson said the defense holds themselves to a higher standard than they performed last week and Franklin echoed that

“As players When you get to a point where youre satisfied you think you played good enough or the defense played well enough or the team played well enough then once again you’re note gonna grow. You’re not gonna continue to thrive”

Penn State kept their number seven ranking in the ap poll released tuesday afternoon as they prepare to host Delaware this week

With a big win expected against Delaware, Penn State’s second unit could see significant time

But Franklin said the standard remains the same come Saturday in Beaver Stadium kickoff is at Noon

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