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Janice Keen-Livingston Memorial Park

A local area is Commemorating a Park in memory of a Medic who died while on duty. Janice Keen-Livingston was killed while helping those involved in an accident on an icy morning on Menoher Boulevard in Upper Yoder Township in Johnstown.

Plans for the park have been in place since October 2015 for the Janice Keen Livingston Memorial Park, but have only now come to fruition. Janice’s Mother Debra Keen saying: “It’s overwhelming. It’s emotional. It’s something that, ever since we talked about it, I’ve been waiting to see it happen. You can bet I’ll be down here every day to see what’s going on.”

The Park will not only be dedicated to Keen-Livingston, but also to all First Responders and their families. Debra Keen saying: “This is going to be something that all First Responders’ families can enjoy too. On the wall we’re going to have plaques. You can purchase a plaque that will have somebody’s name on that was a First Responder. And they don’t have to have been killed in the line of duty, it is for all First Responders.

In order to make a donation for the continued building of the Park, you can contact the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

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