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Jennerstown Advance My Track Challenge

The Jennerstown Speedway Complex is one of six finalists In NASCAR’s Advance My track challenge with the chance to win $50,000. And today is the last day that you can vote in the contest. And right now, we have Cait Westerholm live in Somerset County with the track’s General Manager on what the speedway plans to do if they win.

Yeah. Nicole Jennerstown speedway is in the running to win $50,000 from the advance. My track challenge and voting has been open all week and will end today at midnight. So I’m here with the General Manager. For more information on what this contest is about and what they will do with the money if they do win the contest.

So $50,000 is a lot of money. What do you guys plan to do here at the track?

“Well, the whole idea of the contest was to improve the facility and make the community community more involved. So if we win the $50,000, we’re going to build a new restroom facility that’s expanded.
We have some of the cleanest bathrooms at any racetrack you’ll go to now, but we want to make it more handicap accessible for our family, friends that are out here all the time. We have 12 to 20 people in wheelchairs every week, and we’re also going to put in a handicapped viewing area to elevate them slightly so they can see the races better. Perfect. And then you said the community has really come together over this past week to vote for you guys and really spread awareness about this. So what does that mean for all the drivers and everybody that works here at the track to see something like that”

“It’s truly a rewarding experience. You know, we were doing this as a track to promote it, to win the track, and as we put it out there, we noticed the drivers making their own videos, sponsors sharing it. We’ve actually had sponsors make their own products and name it after the racetrack.”

“So to see the community band together to support this racetrack, it’s just a very rewarding experience. And hopefully we can bring the $50,000 back to Jennerstown.”

All right, perfect. So you still have the opportunity to vote. Voting will end once again tonight at midnight, and the winners will be announced Wednesday, May 18th.


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