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Johnstown Bar Shooter Still At Large

“He is still wanted and still at large.” That’s what Police are saying about the suspect accused of murdering a young man at a Cambria County bar earlier this month. We have more on how Law Enforcement is working to find him as he is still out there on the loose. Pictured is Dirk Wendel Jones — the suspect in the shooting death of 21-year-old Caleb Beppler of Johnstown. The District Attorney described their investigation as figuring out “how wide of a net needs to be cast” in order to find him.

The deadly shooting happened June 10th outside of the Liquid Currency bar on 2nd Avenue in the Cambria City part of Johnstown. According to the Johnstown Police Department, Jones is known to frequent the Coopersdale Community Homes and Philadelphia. Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer says he hopes the public comes forward in the hopes of bringing him to justice. Neugebauer saying: “Some people are harder than others to find. Certainly, everyone has habits whether they realize it or not. Some people have financial means to get further than other people do. That comes into the equation, and can help law enforcement determine how wide of a net needs to be cast and where to look.”

The Johnstown Police Department is asking anyone with information to call them at (814)472-2100.

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