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Johnstown Bike Race

A statewide bike race was held at Highland Park in the Richland section of Johnstown, bringing in thousands of people including hundreds of racers according to event organizer Richard Maher.

Maher said the exact number of racers this year is not yet known, but last year there were over 800 bikers, and this year is likely similar.

“To get this many kids and families and get 3,000 people together at an event like this, it is very special for the families throughout the state,”

Both experienced and first-year riders said they like coming to these types of events because of the friends and sense of community that can be created.

They said the races are nerve-racking, but everyone helps each other to get better.

Racers also mentioned they enjoy the adrenaline of quickly riding downhill and the feeling after finishing a race.

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