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Johnstown Galleria Owner Touts Comeback

Weeks after the lower level of the Johnstown Galleria flooded, vendors are recovering. Some new ones are in negotiations to start operating at the mall too.

“We got a lot of stores that have come over here. So pretty much, I say I got like 24 leases, from October to now.”

“We haven’t had too many places to eat up here because a lot of the places have left. But now I see the new owner is filling them up. So it’s been a welcome, great thing.”

“This new owner Leo is doing a great job. He is getting new people here. And he’s bringing a lot of business into the mall.”

Some of those vendors are not limited to a new creamery, boutique, and skating rink. Other changes include maintenance to the parking lot, which has accumulated numerous holes and cracks over time.

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