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Johnstown Housing Authority Board Meeting

89 families already relocated from their homes in the Prospect Community.

This is information Channel 6 learned from Tuesday’s monthly meeting of the Johnstown Housing Authority.

The remaining 12 families have just over a week to leave.

A handful of Cambria County residents came forward at the board meeting looking for answers, however Michael Alberts, the Executive Director of the Johnstown Housing Authority couldn’t answer much because he says there is still a lot unknown.

“Today, a group of residents and I approached the Johnstown Housing Authority to try to get transparency and answers for the total debacle they committed with the moving prospect homes, We wanted to know what happened with why they closed it, why they’re wrongfully evicting people and what they’re going to do to remedy this situation.”

Quayia Wormsley, a former Prospect Community resident also spoke at the board meeting.

“I don’t even know what to say anymore, I feel like these meetings are useless. It’s like were talking and you just don’t care.”

It’s going on three weeks since Prospect Community residents first received notice from the Johnstown Housing Authority that they must vacate their homes due to structural issues.

“I was the first to be evicted there, I had the whole in my wall, the ceiling was caving in.”

Just a few days after she had to vacate the Prospect Community is when the rest of the community learned they also had to relocate after a ceiling caved in on a resident.

Alberts. “As of this morning twelve families don’t have a landing spot yet.”

Johnstown Housing Authority officials say the decision to vacate and continue inspecting the entire community was made by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development after initial structural inspections.

“H.U.D calls all the shots,”

Alberts added during the meeting that there are still more inspections to be done before they know what the future of the Prospect Community will be.

“Still waiting to have a geotechnical survey done on the area, that was suggested by H.U.D,”

Alberts, yet again refused to speak about the situation on camera as he says there is still a lot unknown.

“Until we have true answers and true transparent leaders, nothing is going to change.”

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