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Johnstown Woman Charged

A Johnstown woman being charged in the death of her son twenty years later

After being involved in a car wreck that caused her son to have life threatening injuries

Hartman crossed into the opposite lane of traffic and collided head on with a cam tran bus resulting in her son becoming paralyzed with a ventilator until his death in October of 2021.

”Even though his death was twenty years after the accident the Commonwealth believes based on medical records and statements from medical doctors that he died as a result of the injuries suffered in 2002.”

In May of 2002 Autumn Hartman admitted to using Heroin and falling asleep at the wheel with her fourteen-month-old son in the passanger seat.

Hartman originally faced charges such as endangering the welfare of a child and violated controlled substance laws.

Her preliminary hearing is schedule for early next month.


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