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Laurel View Village Mat Ministry

We spoke with a group from Laurel View Village in Davidsville about a unique Ministry in benefit of the Homeless. Beverly Rager brought an idea from a local church to Laurel View and began making mats for the homeless with a small group of 6 that expanded to over 30 volunteers.

The group reuses unwanted and discarded plastic grocery bags to create the mats. The bags are cut, tied together, and formed into “yarn balls” for the crocheters to use. It takes roughly 20 hours and 500 plastic bags to crochet one mat.

The first of these mats went to the homeless in Baltimore, MD. The mats have been given out to homeless in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Virginia. Thanks to the help of the Mary and Martha House, the mats are also being provided locally to those in need in the Johnstown area.

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