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Mail-In Ballot Concerns

Will issues raised in last Month’s Primary Election lead to another large scale reform of Pennsylvania’s voting laws.

That question could spark responses in both the courts and state legislature.

Gary Sinderson has more.

The specific issue in the May Primary Election revolved around whats termed undated mail in ballots and should they be counted

“We did report, as all 67 counties, the extras, I think it was 61 ballots in Centre Co, so they have those reports on the state level, we don’t know what they’re going to do”

Just last week the State Supreme Court ruled on that issue, in a Lehigh County election races, ruling the undated ballots could be counted. But in other courts other opinions, and now the door is open for yet more court rulings heading in to the November General Election

“I think the answer, if nothing changes between now and election day, I think we have to count those ballots”

Others are calling for legislative action, especially on repealing or revising Act 77, the 2019 voting reform law

“Until they get this right, they need to go back to the drawing board and fix it, we cant continue to have elections over again and again where the rules change,if we do not do that, the confidence of the voters and the confidence in our election system will be in question”

There is a Separate case pending before the State Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of Act 77. A ruling could come at any time.

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