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Major Winter Storm Headed East

The National Weather Service is calling it a once in a generation Bomb Cyclone and Arctic Blast. A coast-to-coast winter storm set to cripple travel, just before Christmas.

Travelers are bracing for nation-wide ripple effects.

It’s just a taste

Of the major winter blast to come. Dangerous cold for days. Stretching from the Gulf Of Mexico. To the U.S. Canada border.

A state of emergency declared as far South, as Georgia.

“This one looks like it’s going to stay around, got a few more days coming.”

Washington State, seeing some of the first snow from the polar plunge. The system, moving through Montana. Delivering life-threatening cold.

Wind chills are now in the forecast, as low as 70 degrees below zero in the High Plains. Then, there are blizzard conditions set for the Midwest.

“There’s gonna be a huge blizzard Thursday. And uh, my brother only has a few days off while he’s uh, while we visit him. So we didn’t want our flight to get delayed and miss out on that time.”

Travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare. Changing plans, some taking flight before the worst impacts Thursday

When the airport could potentially close.

“We were actually supposed to fly out to Orlando tomorrow looking for the Sun. But then our agent, he called up and said you’re probably better off to leave early because the predicted storm, storm and cold temperatures the next few days.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and state officials warned of ultra cold temperatures, concerns heightened, because of texas’s deadly heating and power crisis in February 2021.

“These landmark reforms include winterization of infrastructure, both generators and poles and wires. We have more power available than ever before.”

“Whatever challenge may arise, we will have staff to meet that challenge.”

I’m Mike Valerio reporting.

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