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Mass Shooting at 4th of July Parade in Chicago

At least 6 people are dead in a Mass Shooting at a Fourth of July Parade in a wealthy suburb outside Chicago. Officials say more than 30 people have been taken to area Hospitals. Witnesses say it was a chaotic scene as people scrambled to get out of the area. Authorities believe the suspect was shooting from a rooftop. The area’s mid-day festival, “Fourth Fest” has been canceled and Residents have been told to avoid the Downtown area and shelter in place.

One parade attendee recalling the moment things went to disarray. Zoe Pawelczak, a Parade Attendee saying: “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, fireworks.’ Or the military people had just gone through with the shotguns. And I was like, ‘Something’s wrong.’ I grabbed my dad and started running. All of a sudden, everyone behind us started running. I looked back, probably 20 feet away from me I saw a girl shot and killed.”

Further information was not available at the time of air. The Gunman has since been arrested and identified as 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III.

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