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Mothers Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and that means that some of the busiest places right now are flower shops.

“Mother’s Day is kind of like Christmas for our flower shop,” said Becky Bodenschatz, Owner of Sandy Johns Garden Center.

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for flower shops, and coupled along with high school proms this weekend, shops have been seeing an influx of customers.

“We pushed out a lot of vase arrangements and prom also was part of this weekend as well so that was pretty busy,”

“It has been a very busy week with the weather being nice, so we have seen an increase in customers,” said Cathy Holley, Owner of Elite Gardens.

Just like many other businesses right now, flower shops are also feeling the impacts of inflation with the rising costs of flowers and supplies.

“I’ve really tried to keep my prices very reasonable here even though inflation has impacted me as a small business. I really try to not push it off to the customer or anything like that,”

Gas prices are also having an impact on the industry. The owner of Sandy Johns tells us that she has seen the cost of getting flowers delivered to her shop increase as gas prices continue to rise, so that is yet another cost that the shop has to absorb.

“Inflation has definitely impacted a lot of small businesses. Obviously in such a short amount of time, prices have gone up drastically, from fuel charges to shipping costs,” said Bodenschatz.

Also, some flowers have been harder to get as they are imported from all around the world.

“It has impacted us in that was where we haven’t been able to get roses from Ecuador or different places all around the world because flights weren’t taking off or it was too expensive,”

Despite this, this week, the flower shop has put together many custom arrangements for Mother’s Day and even sold out of some flowers.

“We sold out of our fresh cut flowers and we have pre-orders online weeks in advance. I’m just so thankful for the community’s support and coming out and showing me support holiday after holiday,”

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