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National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month.

This is reporter Nicole Fuschino’s Mom.

She has severe Osteoporosis with 12 compression fractures in her back at just 51 years old.

Now she’s sharing her story in the hopes that other women don’t end up in the same situation.

Her disease caused her to retire from Westmont Hilltop Elementary School where she served as a teacher for 24 years.

She has Parathyroid issues she’s been on intense steroids and also had an early Hysterectomy which are all contributing factors.

But the moral of the story is no matter why you get it you don’t know you have it until its too late.

“You typically don’t know that you even have osteoporosis until it’s too late. Until you have a break or two. In my case, I had 12.”

“There are lots of things that could happen that makes us get bad bones. Naturally, at age 50, we stop making the estrogen, but if somebody has their ovaries removed at age 20, that’s when menopause happens. So, when we make the bone, we start losing it a lot faster the minute that ovaries are removed from our body.”

She says when women enter Menopause they start to lose Estrogen which is the hormone that keep bones healthy.

Whether it be from natural Menopause or Menopause brought on by a Hysterectomy bones can weaken & fracture as a result.

Dr. Haerian says ask your doctor for a Dexa Scan after having a Hysterectomy or entering Menopause. And be open minded to prevention medications.

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