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New Centre County Battery Facility

In Centre County plans are in the works for dozens of new jobs at a factory.

As Gary Sinderson reports it would feature Penn State technology for electric powered vehicles.

In the past it was referred to as Technology Transfer University research leading to marketplace development. In this case, the proposal is cutting edge technology for electric vehicles,

A Lithium Ion battery factory, that would be the only one of its type in Pennsylvania. The developers are seeking a 25 million dollar Federal grant to build a battery facility in the Philipsburg area

“It would start in the Spring of next year. run three years to build it out. we’d work from the back of the process. bring cells from elsewhere to start, and then shipping them out by the end of year two.
and then hopefully having the cells coming on line at the end of year three”

Penn State is a research leader in the new technology.but many of the graduates head West where more electric vehicle development is underway. The new factory envisioned as changing that trend

“We’ve talked about the need to build our own capacity here. trying to receive firms from outside,but building with local talent who have connections to Penn State, or had their education there”

Its projected the new factory would include one hundred to one hundred and fifty employees.

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