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New Purpose For Old Centre Crest Building

Bringing new life to one of Centre County’s best-known buildings, that’s the focus of the ongoing multi-million-dollar renovation of the county’s former nursing home.

For decades, thousands were cared for at the former Centre Crest nursing home in Bellefonte.

The changing nature of healthcare led to a new Centre Crest facility, leaving the original site vacant.

The county still owns the property and decided to renovate it after a feasibility study reaffirmed that, structurally, the building could still be used.

“We’ve finished up interior design and are now looking at exterior facade for minor improvements. Then we’ll be going into the construction/drawing phase for the outfit of mechanicals and things of that nature.”

The county has approved close to $30 million for the renovation, with the primary intent being to create a centralized location for the county government’s human service offices.

There may also be space available to lease, but a decision on that hasn’t been made yet.

It is expected that the project will be put out to be bid on within the next six months.

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