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Opening Day Antlerless License Sales

“It wasn’t all that bad” thats what the head of the Pennsylvania Game Commission says about Monday’s opening day for the new system of deer license sales.

His comment was made to a group of state lawmakers today and he quickly heard that not all the lawmakers are on board with his assessment.

Gary Sinderson explains.

Talk to many hunters, and they’ll probably say the new license sale system was an absolute disaster. Long wait times as the computer system crashed and other problems.but according to the executive director of the game commission

“The new process went well on opening day. no it wasn’t perfect and delays were experienced for a period of time. several lessons we learned we can look into the next round of anterless sales”

Bryan Burhans making that comment Wednesay at a hearing of the State House Game and Fisheries Commitee. In response one of the lawmakers had a very different viewpoint

“We serve the sportsmen as you do this was a cluster for the people who lost work and everything else they went through,this is what youre going to have to answer”

Burhans acknowledged frustrations with the new system, and says it was working much better by Monday Afternoon

“Change is hard part of what were going to have to do is change culture thats long established when it comes to obtaining anterless deer licenses here in Pennsylvania”

Burhans said just over 166 thousand licenses have already been sold this week by far a record for the opening days of new license sales.

The house committee meanwhile is pledging a seperate hearing and investigation into the intial problems on monday.

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