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Other Schools Put on Lockdown As Precaution

The schools that received the hoax calls weren’t the only ones that had to take action.

Many neighboring schools were also put on lockdown out of an abundance of caution.

Nicole Fuschino explains what actions students and teachers had to take.

The Cambria County District Attorney put all schools in Cambria County on lockdown this Morning

Including here at Greater Johnstown School District where teachers & students hid in the dark for over an hour. The da says there were one call came in for Bishop Carroll. He says it was believed to be false.

But it’s because of those calls that classrooms were temporarily turned into shelters for hundreds of students.

For a lockdown procedure the doors are locked the lights are turned off

And students are put into a place where they are out of sight and can’t be heard. Nobody comes into the building & nobody goes out.

That was the case for Greater Johnstown for about an hour and a half today with teachers and students in hiding.

On the other hand after that initial lockdown order schools could decide to go into a shelter in place

Where classes continue as normal but the doors are locked and nobody can enter or leave the building without permission.

Greater Johnstown’s Safety Coordinator says Today’s incident hit close to home in light of National events.

“Our teachers perform these drills and practice with our students at the beginning of the school year for these types of situations. They’re constantly reminded throughout the school year of how to handle situations when they hear the word lockdown or shelter in place.”


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