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Pa. Farming Concerns

The war in Ukraine continues to have a worldwide influence and that includes the farming community here in Pennsylvania.

Ukraine is among the world’s leaders in producing and exporting wheat and corn, along with sunflower products.

The war has caused numerous supply chain issues which have impacted the pricing scales for those goods.

This leads to more problems for farmers, especially when added with other issues like the economy and drought conditions.

“Officials are watching with concern with what’s playing out in Ukraine with grain markets. The USDA just a few days ago released new figures, tighter than what was expected, driven by export demand and drought.”

Russia, meanwhile, is a global leader in fertilizer exports.

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture says it’s another reminder of the ties between local farmers and global economics, and he warns it could play into higher prices for farmers next year.

The true story will be told in the spring of 2023 when farmers purchase fertilizer.

While the price was lower in 2021 and 2022, it could be higher in 2023.

That price increase could also impact livestock producers and ultimately what we are paying at the grocery stores.

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